Custom vs. Cookiecutter II

Another difference with your choice of building is the expense, the purchase price to the homeowner. You will notice with most newly built subdivisions they advertise selling homes “starting in the low $200,000.00” for example. However, once you begin putting together the contract for the standard house and you add the premium lot, changes (if allowed) and upgrades, you’re probably $50,000.00 above the advertised purchase price.

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I am a firm believer that “you get what you paid for” and that is why you choose a custom home builder. My contracts are structured to build your house at cost plus my fixed fee. You can usually estimate $100.00 per total square feet for purchase price which will include permitting fees, normal site work and utilities. Then I will add my fixed fee which would be anywhere from 12% to 15% of the total project. All plans are priced out before contract signing. I think that is as fair as one can be! You will receive all copies of receipts and invoices. We are building your house, making the selections and choices together. I will advise what I think is the best materials available and what I have experienced in past construction. I use only quality subcontractors when building most of the structure, however, you have choices of upgrades without extra change orders. You have the choice of how much you want to spend on flooring, fixtures, etc..

The cost of custom construction is about 10% greater than the cookiecutter home. What do you think is the best home for you?